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Washington Post article on Red Admiral butterfly
Dear list,

From this weekend's Washington Post Magazine, "The Butterfly, Effect," an
article on a Red Admiral that meets a stranger in downtown DC and takes up
residence with him...


Not surprisingly, there's a brief VN mention:

"I'm convinced that he also had a tremendous sense of joy. The
novelist Vladimir
up on this. A passionate amateur lepidopterist, Nabokov once wrote
that the red admiral is 'a most frolicsome fly.' Nabokov also liked to refer
to the butterfly as "Red Admirable," a name that according to at least one
account was used as far back as the 18th century."

I had always found the butterfly capers near the end of PF a little unlikely
(the daily return of the butterfly, the intentional settling on the sleeve
to visit, and especially the sliding down the leaf "like a boy down the
banisters on his birthday"), but most of it is quite plausible,


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