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ENC: [NABOKV-L] Another song "L*lita" by Belinda
"Lolita" seems to be an inspiration to a host of pretty young singers. The
song interpreted by "Belinda" (Cf.
http://www.vagalume.com.br/belinda/lolita.html ) even states that, although
it was "Nabokob" was who wrote L*lita's story, she was the one who invented
it (or him?) : "Sin duda Nabokob/Fue quien lo escribio/Pero en realidad/
Fue yo quien lo invento". *

Well, if the novel "L*lita" were simply a story about a young easy-going
nymphet then, perhaps, her claims could spark some kind of sense: there
must have been countless "L*litas" under other names over the ages living
their adventures before VN set down his own version and made all the

Link: <http://www.vagalume.com.br/belinda/lolita.html#ixzz3lNV6isf4>

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