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RES: [NABOKV-L] Four more likely origins of the name Disa
C. Kunin to A.Sklyarenko: I've always assumed that Disa was somehow related
to the underworld, but never did the research. I don't think that Disa could
be related to Desdemona, and here other possible origins [snip] Two of the
sources for the name are found in Wikipedia (in blue): Disa was the heroine
of a Swedish legendary saga, which was documented by Olaus Magnus, in 1555.
It is believed to be from the Middle Ages, but includes Old Norse themes.
This Disa also makes her appearance in early Scandinavian literature and
art: The Encyclopedia Britannica refers to the "historical comedy Disa"
[snip] Further, the saga has been treated by Johan Celsius in the prose
drama Disa (1687), which was an adaptation of Messenius' stage play in
verse. Later it was adapted by Johan Gabriel Oxenstierna in the poetic
letter Disa (1795), and in the fourth song of the poem Skördarne (1796). In
the so-called Disasal [Disa room] on the second floor of the castle of
Venngarn, there are eight large paintings depicting scenes from Disa's saga.
Additionally Dis turns out to also mean a type of Nordic sprite (reminiscent
of Pnin's mermaid-Rusalka) [snip]: By the way, another Scandinavian meaning
for Dis is simply "queen." EDNote--PS: on Scandinavian Disa, see also Dieter
Zimmer's summary in his Guide
(http://www.d-e-zimmer.de/eGuide/Lep2.1-D-E.htm) at Erebia disa. -SB.

Jansy: Dis is related to "God/Gods" in Latin, since "deus" (m. god) is
irregular. It appears in Dative and Ablative plurals (deïs, diïs, dïs).
Cf. www.thelatinlibrary.com/101/grammarforms.pdf


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