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THOUGHTS: Beverland Hotel
Another association, unmarked so far, I believe:

1. PF (276): "He [Gradus] strolled back and paid the equivalent of three
thousand Zemblan crowns for his short but nice stay at Beverland Hotel."

2. from Books Fatal to Their Authors (1894), by Peter Hampson Ditchfield:
"In a period less remote we find Adrian Beverland wandering away from the
true realm of poetry and taking up his abode in the pesthouse of immorality.
He was born at Middlebourg in 1653, and studied letters at the University of
Leyden. He began his career by publishing indecent poems. He wrote a very
iniquitous book, De Peccato originali, in which he gave a very base
explanation of the sin of our first parents...

Being exiled on account of the indecency of his writings, he came to
England, where he affected decorum, and his friend and countryman Isaac
Vossius, who enjoyed the patronage of Charles II. and was Canon of Windsor,
obtained for him a pension charged upon some ecclesiastical fund. Never were
ecclesiastical funds applied to a baser use ; for although Beverland wrote
another book with the apparent intention of warning against vice, the
argument seemed to inculcate the lusts which he condemned. Having become
insane he died, in extreme poverty, in 1712. He imagined that he was pursued
by a hundred men who had sworn to kill him."

3. A less likely source, though interesting to me because of the
intersection of Goldsmith, Beverland and Catskin:
from The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith:
"The tale went round; he sung us old songs, and gave the children the story
of the Buck of Beverland, with the history
of Patient Grissel, the Adventures of Catskin, and then Fair Rosamond's
Bower." Sadly, the tale of "Buck of Beverland" has been lost to history.

Matt Roth

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