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The Folio Society and Lo-lee-ta
The Folio Society Publishes Illustrated "Lolita"
OCTOBER 13, 2015 9:40 AM

Fine Books & Collections Magazine http://www.finebooksmagazine.com/press/2015/10/the-folio-society-publishes-illustrated-lolita.phtml

Vladimir Nabokov Introduced by Michael Dirda
Illustrated by Federico Infante
Bound in buckram, with inset leather labels blocked in metallic foil on front board and spine. Set in Perpetua with Trajan Pro as display. 384 pages; 9 full-page colour illustrations. Blocked and die-cut slipcase and printed endpapers. 9" x 53⁄4". UK £ 59.95 US $99.95 Can $134.95 Aus $139.95

This Fine Edition from The Folio Society is the first to include illustrations. Chilean-born artist Federico Infante has created nine beautiful yet unsettling paintings; each of their subjects appear as pale, crumbling murals, the paint of the landscape peeling away around them.[ ] The binding features a leather label inset embossed with the phonetic sounding of the book’s title, so relished by Humbert in the novel’s infamous opening paragraph.

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