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Queries on searchable Lolita and approachable Nabokov Studies
Does anyone know of a searchable (online) text of
Lolita I could make use of for my own research
purposes? Any positive results as I scan my hunches
gladly shared with colleagues as soon as I figure
out what they mean. Thanks to all.

John A. Rea

Does anyone know the present status of Nabokov Studies?
Is it
a. now in process of putting out an issue?
b. seeking submissions?
c. resting?

John A. Rea
[EDNOTE. Google Books doesn't include Lolita; you may be able to do a
limited "search into" the Library of America editions of VN's works on In the case of Nabokov Studies, I believe that both a) and
b) are true. Also, don't forget the Nabokovian (published twice yearly)
as an ideal place for brief notes and annotations or for abstracts of
longer scholarly works. -- SES]

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