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Re: Searchable Lolita, merits of Shade's poem
> As a follow-up to Don Johnson's suggestion to consult
> Zembla, I recommend the discussion of Pale Fire by
> William Monroe, especially page 3. Here's the link:
> Jim Twiggs

Most welcomed Bonnie Urls, Jim.
Monroe writes
"Shade's personification and even deification of shaving cream is Nabokov's
gentle satirical jab at the obsessively sacramental imagination. It may also
be a swipe at Joyce's opening scene in Ulysses, where Stephen's razor and
mirror metamorphose into sacred instruments of transfiguration."

Dare I mention that it's Buck Mulligan's (not Stephen's) razor & bowl that
morph into the Black Mass parody? I only mention this because Monroe
preaches the Nabokovian devotion to 'precision.'

Stan Kelly-Bootle

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