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Re: Another correction

In a message dated 19/11/2006 00:17:40 GMT Standard Time, skb@BOOTLE.BIZ

A burr, or piece of fluff, which has lodged in memory since I read it many
years ago was the comment, made I think by a little girl, and embryonic
authoress: "How can I know what I mean until I see what I say?"

Actually, since I am now re-reading Koestler properly, I discovered that he
was my source for this anecdote, and, as usual, I had misremembered it. What
he in fact writes is (The Act of Creation, 1964, p.174): "little Alice who,
on being admonished to think carefully before she spoke, indignantly
exclaimed: How I can I know what I think until I see what I say?"

On the subject which I'd promised not to raise again, I confess I find it
very difficult to reason against arguments which impute to me positions I do
not hold and never expressed, and which then proceed to demolish these

Never mind. It's a good idea to read carefully, and think carefully, before
one speaks.


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