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DN on legalities of searchable Lolita
Comment concerning "Impressive!":

DN and his lawyers are working on it. The Mochola business does not have
permission, and is to a large degree the heavy-handiwork of a sleazy
caracter named A. Svirilin, who wastes his talents posing as "Ace" on a
low-brow Russian forum, and "L.V." for good old-fashioned infringement
(with his online translation of "The Word", his translation-in-progress
of "Easter Rain," etc.), and distributes his illegal lists on six
illegitimate sites. One hopes Amazon would have a better acquaintance
than Svirilin with current copyright law: e.g.: appearance online does
not absolve an item of infringement or automatically transport it into

Dmitri Nabokov

>Impressive! I guess they must have permission. If not, and
DN puts them out of business, Amazon has a searchable
Vintage /Annotated Lolita/. You can't read it at length,
but you can use it to find what you're looking for in
your own copy.

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