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Re: Monroe, merits of Shade's poem
Charles writes:

"Exe to Wye" is still aesthetically offensive.

That¹s your strong, subjective opinion, Charles, shared only by those with
your own (yet-to-be-defined) aesthetic vulnerabilities. And, aesthetic
opinions, really, of little consequence in critically reading Shade, since
VN has INVENTED a scholar-poet given to these ³low-poetic² humourous
patches, more Thomas Hood than Pope (what glorious LitCrit fodder in these

The ³Exe to Wye² echoes in tutored ears Browning¹s oft-parodied** ³How they
Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix.² In fact, long before I knew of
Pale Fire as novel or poem, I had written ³How they brought the Good News
from X to Y² (explaining Shannon¹s Canons ‹ the laws of information flow
without which the internet and this List would list). I also wrote about
³the good news from AIX to Brad² but this depends on knowing that AIX is an
IBM-UNIX flavour, and Brad Beitel was (1990) predicting that OS/2 would win
over UNIX.

Stan Kelly-Bootle

** e.g., Yeatman & Sellar add ³(or vice versa)² to Browning¹s title and play
on the mystery that nobody has found sound historical reasons for the mad
gallop. Browning never spells out the nature of the ³good news² (or ³gospel¹
in Englisc!)

³ . . . I had to confess that I¹d gone and went
and forgotten the news I was bringing to Ghent . . .²

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