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Ovid and Ardors
Dear Jansy and Peter Dale,

In one of the essays that I propose to write I hope to show that "ardor" in Ada is, among other things, an allusion to a certain T. Ardov (the pseudonym of Vladimir Tardov, a poet, translator of "minor Persian poets," a specialist in Farsi), author of several "extremely interesting, even exciting" (Rozanov) articles that appeared in the newspaper Utro Rossii ("The Morning of Russia"). Vasiliy Rozanov, a philosopher (1856-1919) whom Nabokov met, dedicated to Ardov's articles in "The Morning of Russia" an extremely interesting (for an Ada specialist) essay, Vozle "russkoi idei" (Near "the Russian Idea"), 1911, included in Rozanov's book "Among the Artists."

Alexey Sklyarenko

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