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Re: merits of Shade¹s poem: CHW to MR & JF
On 23/11/06 00:11, "Chaswe@AOL.COM" <Chaswe@AOL.COM> wrote:

> Matt and Jerry mount a concerted defence of the merits of Pale Fire the poem.
> As much of what has been said, both for and against its quality, boils down to
> matters of subjective taste and personal reaction, the discussion threatens to
> descend to the nursery level of: Yes, it is! No, it isn¹t! --- which one hopes
> to avoid. Still, having entered the lists, there is some obligation to pursue
> the joust. I hope I don't seem too blunt and direct.
> My discovey of a lost final couplet may end the debate (as if):
> ³And thus the Papal Pig lies in the Poke;
> ³Will Litter Critters ever see the joke?²
> Stan Kelly-Bootle

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