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canine literary lines
To the List,

Michael Strickland's correction of confusion between dogs Flush and Floss
rang a little bell and I was able to establish that Elizabeth Barrett
Browning wrote a poem "To Flush, My Dog" - - to which a charming note is

This dog was the gift of my dear and admired friend, Miss Mitford, and
belongs to the beautiful race she has rendered celebrated among English and
American readers. The Flushes have their laurels as well as the Cæsars, --
the chief difference (at least the very head and front of it) consisting,
according to my perception, in the bald head. (Browning's note)

Perhaps Woolf's dog came from the same line? The Nabokov's dachshund, Box, I
believe, was a descendant of a dog that belonged to Chekhov, though how
this came about I've no idea. Dmitri?


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