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Query: VN's take on the argument over Nafisi's Reading Lolita in
[EDNOTE. Although the List has had heated discussions in the past about
the Dabashi-Nafasi argument (see the Archives), Marshal Zeringue is
looking for specific feedback on whether VN would have agreed with one
particular critic's framing of that argument. -- SES]

Over at my books blog I made a tentative stab at what VN might have
said about the politics & literature angle to the Dabashi-Nafisi
argument over Reading Lolita in Tehran . (I was riffing on a piece in
Slate today.)

My (short) blog post is here:

In it I follow my conjecture with a pledge to consult some experts. . .
which leads me to NABOKV-L. I wonder if the List has thoughts on the
question of what VN might have said? I can also be contacted directly
Marshal Zeringue

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