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Re: "C" "K" "S" in PF solution (tongue-twisters)
On 30/11/06 23:01, "Alexey Sklyarenko" <skylark05@MAIL.RU> wrote:

> There is also strangely PF-relevant (and Zemblan-sounding) Russian
> tongtwister: "Karl u Klary ukral korally" (Karl stole Klara's corals)
> jewels?
> Victor Fet
> By a remarkable coincidence, I just began to read a Russian translation of
> "Philosophie der Mystik" (1885) by Carl du Prel, a German author (1839-1899)
> who was very popular in the Russia of VN's youth and who interests me in
> connection with Ada. Note the unusual (for a German) spelling of his first
> name and the fact that "Prel" is an anagram of perl (Russian for "pearl").
> Now, if we pick out from the middle of the English word the superfluous "a"
> and add it to the writer's last name, we'll get aprel (Russian for "April"),
> the month in which Du Prel (and also VN) was born. Besides, prel' is Russian
> for "rot" and "Carl du Prel" means in Russo-French something like "the rotten
> Karl."
> Alexey Sklyarenko
> Alexey: the choice of Carl over Karl is no surprise to us mathematicians. The
> greatest German EVER was christened CARL Friedrich GAUSS (1777-1855). My
> first-wife¹s parents paid similar homage, naming their daughter Margaret Rose
> (Jones) from which you can guess her birth-year (1932). One of my sons is
> David Russell Bootle (after Hilbert [which is hardly useful as a pre-name] and
> Bertrand).
> Your Œcoincidences¹ are remarkably UNremarkable as proved by Victor Fet¹s
> recent gematria, the irony of which has escaped some recipients! Underwood
> Dudley¹s book on Numerology (is that Crank or Krank?) proves, for instance,
> that given ANY personal name, there exists a character-numerical mapping that
> gives that name a total of 666 (the so-called number of the name of the
> beast). Since when, I¹m told, some scholars re-read the original relevatory
> mss as 616 not 666! Back to ze old hanging, quartering & drawing-board!
> Carolyn: did you ever notice the followiing in VN¹s ³Despair?²
> ³But although I [the narrator Hermann] have never been an actor in the strict
> sense of the word, I have nevertheless, in real life, always carried with me a
> small folding theatre and have appeared in more than one part, and my acting
> has always been superfine; and if you think that my prompter¹s name was Gain ‹
> capital G _not_ C ‹ then you are mightily mistaken. It is all not so simple,
> my dear sirs.²
> Here we have VN playing the role of Œfratricidal Œmadman (an
> Able-acting-for-Gain Cain?) in addition to his typical role as
> world-class-word-golfer (a shining, symmetrical Tyger in the Woods). So, at
> least we have a specific OVERT case of G-C switching, whereas your PF theory
> assumes a COVERT G-C morph.
> Stan Kelly-Bootle

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