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Carolyn on criticism from Jansy & Jerry
Dear Jansy,

Either the use of the word kinbote was calculated by VN as I believe or as
you put it he "could not foresee the significance that would be attached to
his choice of the name ..."

Both are not possible in the world I live in. Either the choice of name is
coincidental to the G = C = K = S solution or it is integral.

I don't think I have made a point of the fact that I had not read Jekyll and
Hyde before I read Pale Fire. It was the solution (initially possible
solution) that reminded me of VN's lecture on the RLS story, which memory
caused me to read RLS's famous tale.

When I found the act of kinbote within the opening pages of Jekyll & Hyde it
confirmed that I was, in fact had to be, on the right track.


Dear Jerry,

I have explained above how I got to Jekyll & Hyde from Pale Fire - - how do
you get to the Lord of the Rings from Pale Fire?


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