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VN and Melville
Beautiful Dick the Whale poem lines. Does it sound to anyone else, as it
does to me, to have a certain syntactical Beowulf-ness? "Dick,"
compares --
but with cetecean hugeness -- to take place, as do Pnin, Lolita, and
Fire a universe interwoven with anthropomorphic legates.
Lolita/puppies-dogs, and almost any garments to be filled with Lolita's
form, Pale/Fire/birds, berries, butterflys. Gotta run. Late already.

Andrew Brown

On 12/19/06 9:06 AM, "NABOKV-L" <NABOKV-L@HOLYCROSS.EDU> wrote:

> Jansy Mello: In BS there are several lines by Melville that were
> transformed into a kind of poem, and they must invite this by their
> musicality ...
> Suellen: The poem is directly derived from lines in Moby Dick.
> A curious sight-these bashful bears,
> These timid warrior whalemen
> And now the time of tide has come;
> The ship casts off her cables
> It is not shown on any map;
> True places never are
> This lovely light, it lights not me;
> All loveliness is anguish

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