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Re: aeroplane brocken

Quite remarkably, to my mind, while flying from Gotland to Stockholm a few
years ago, I looked out of my aeroplane window and saw what I now know to have
been the same spectral phenomenon. Even more remarkably, I managed to take
some photos of it, and yet more remarkably, I can actually attach them to this

Well, it seems remarkable to me.

Guid Yule, as they say up here, near the North Pole.


In a message dated 25/12/2006 02:46:05 GMT Standard Time, jansy@AETERN.US

Brocken Spectre, Ben More, Isle of Mull, Scotland

This is a photo of the phenomenon known as the Brocken Spectre. Named after
a German who first identified (recorded) it.
The spectra is actually formed when your shadow is cast onto a layer of mist
lying below you. So it is very rare to see one. I have been lucky enough to
see it on several occasions in the mountains, and once on a coastal walk in
Photograph by: David Harbottle , 2006-06-03, picture taken with a Canon EOS
350 D, Canon 10-22mm EFS,Polariser

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