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Fw: seven strings amorandula viola d'amore triple viol
Not to end the year with dire last words, as in Benjamin's on "Angelus Novus", I tried to pluck the strings of VN's "amorandola", mentioned ( probably) in Ada and ( most certainly) in Bend Sinister.

1. pseudo-gipsy guitar piece by Apollon Grigoriev (another friend of Uncle Ivan's)
O you, at least, do talk to me,
My seven-stringed companion,
Such yearning ache invades my soul,
Such moonlight fills the canyon!

2. their first summer in the orchards and orchidariums of Ardis had become a sacred secret and creed, throughout the countryside. Romantically inclined handmaids, whose reading consisted of Gwen de Vere and Klara Mertvago, adored Van, adored Ada, adored Ardis's ardors in arbors. Their swains, plucking ballads on their seven-stringed Russian lyres under the racemosa in bloom or in old rose gardens (while the windows went out one by one in the castle), added freshly composed lines - naive, lackey-daisical, but heartfelt - to cyclic folk songs. Eccentric police officers grew enamored with the glamour of incest. Gardeners paraphrased iridescent Persian poems about irrigation and the Four Arrows of Love...

Bend Sinister: ch.2:
True, some paces ahead, on the embankment, three or four, possibly uniformed, men, smoking two or three glowing cigarettes, relaxed on a bench while a seven-stringed amorandola was being discreetly, romantically thumbed in the dark, but they did not challenge Krug and his delightful companion, nor indeed pay any attention to them as the two passed.
suggestive neologisms (the amorandola - a local guitar)

Unfortunately a "triple viol" is not very musical, nor were Bosch's musical instruments since, in a "reference to astrological alignments at the time his triptych was painted, a lot of the instruments of torture are also musical instruments.", as were the bells and flowers in the children's song about "Mary, Mary quite contrary". I must then realize that one cannot avoid a blend of good and evil among our hopes for a happy 2007.

If we could only manage to grow wiser this time!


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