NABOKV-L post 0014620, Thu, 11 Jan 2007 11:08:10 +1300

Re: AdaOnline moves to new Ardis
Dear All,

AdaOnline has moved to a new location, at the University of Auckland
rather than Penn State.

The new URL is if you'd like
to have a look. If you have AdaOnline bookmarked, please change the

I would like to thank Jeff Edmunds for his initiative in prompting
AdaOnline and for his talent, energy and selfless contribution of
time in realizing its activation.

Jeff’s university, Penn State, no longer wished to host the site, so
my university has taken it over.

Annotations to Part 1 Chapter 24 have now gone live, and there have
been updates in the Images (illustrations) and Motifs.

Otherwise we hope that you will notice minimal differences (apart
from the Copyright page) from the Penn State version. If you do
notice anything not working as it worked before, or glitches of any
kind, or if you have suggestions for correcting or adding content,
including pictures, please contact my excellent research assistant,
Gen de Pont, at


Brian Boyd

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