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Re: Nabokovs brain is shaped like a helter-skelter ...
In a message dated 25/01/2007 13:49:18 GMT Standard Time,
tacolquhoun@BTOPENWORLD.COM writes:

That must be London, Ohio or somewhere. I don't think I’ve ever seen
something called a ‘helter-skelter’ in any playgrounds around here (London).
Slides, swings, ponds with boats. No helter-skelter, though.
Tina Colquhoun

If Tina Colquhoun were to visit Alexandra Park, just across the road from my
home in London, England, U.K., and walk a short distance up the hill behind
Alexandra Palace, she would find a Helter Skelter.

See _http://www.ally-pally.co.uk/_ (http://www.ally-pally.co.uk/)

and the picture below.

Anthony Stadlen

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