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Interview & Pronunciation
Dear Jansy and the List,

I listened to the first part of the interview and VN clearly
pronounces the o in Lolita very like the lo of lo and behold, but
slightly truncated, whereas in the Russian reading, and he even
remarks on this, the o is pronounced somewhere between oh and ah.
Spasibo [spasíbah]) for the link - otherwise I didn't know this
interview was available.

thanks from

On Nov 12, 2015, at 8:41 AM, Jansy Mello wrote:

J. Aisenberg: “by the way, I was under the impression that Spanish
people actually pronounce the "O" in Lolita as a long deep "Ohh" and
not as "ahhh" as in lollipop as N. suggests.”*

Jansy Mello: I got to the French interview in which VN reads, almost
at the beginning of the exchange, the initial paragraphs of
“Lolita” (curious, isn’t it? He seems to ignore John Ray Jr’s
“foreword” as an invention that is part of the novel, as if JRJr. were
a “real” prefacer) in English and in Russian (“Lalita”). It’s old news
but worth listening to again.

*Vladimir Nabokov Names the Greatest (and Most Overrated) Novels of
the 20th Century
in Literature| January 14th, 2015

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