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NABOKV-L post 0013101, Thu, 17 Aug 2006 07:33:20 EDT

Re: Shadow Slain

In a message dated 15/08/2006 23:47:12 GMT Standard Time, nabokv-l@UTK.EDU

Dear Anthony Stadlen,

My difficulties with the English language are no excuse, here. When I wrote
" I only realized" I was thinking about my personal "reality", that is, I
then referred to a discovery that led me to a conviction - but this conviction
remains open to be questioned. As you just did.

I was arguing in favor of the idea that Shade, Kinbote and Gradus were one
and the same but, contrary to my "realization"" concerning the "ashen fluff",
I still rather uncertain about that.


Dear Jansy,

Thank you for your handsome apology and explanation.

All the best,

Anthony Stadlen

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