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Re: CK replies to her critics

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You have ignored the quote I gave you from "Strong Opinions" of VN on
Kinbote's suicide.

Oh, sorry. I have in other posts said that I believe Kinbote commits suicide
after he finishes the foreword. I'm afraid I must have missed your point. If
it's important please send the quote again - - I'm afraid things are getting
lost in the flurry.


Dear Carolyn,

It just sounds bizarre for VN to talk about Shade's rich inner existence, on
the one hand, and Kinbote's suicide on the other, as if Kinbote's suicide was
not also Shade's, on your hypothesis. Why would VN talk, in his interviews,
as if Shade and Kinbote were separate persons if in fact he intended them to
be different aspects of the same person? Why would he explicitly tell his son
of his low opinion of theories that Shade and Kinbote are the same person if
he intended them to be a Jekyll-and-Hyde combination? This is my simple

I do agree with you that there are very many unexplained connections between
Shade and Kinbote that need explaining. I also agree with you about the
moving quality of Kinbote's relation to Disa, especially his dream. You are right
that there is tragedy, not just a joke there.

Best wishes,


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