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AdaOnline, Part 1 Chapter 38
Dear all,

The annotations for Ada, Part 1 Chapter 38, are now live on ADAonline<>. This is the longest chapter in the book, and by some measure the largest set of annotations, so it has needed special treatment, with the annotations having to be split into three files. All should work seamlessly, and you should not notice this. But if there are any problems here (or of course anywhere else in the site), please let me know at<>.

In the month that Jeff Edmunds announced that his wonderful website Zembla is no longer being refreshed, I would like once more to thank Jeff for producing that glowing centre for the Nabokov galaxy now in cyberspace; for cajoling me into putting online the Nabokovian's print annotations to Ada; for designing the website, which still pleases me greatly, after all these years of looking at it, and still does all I want it to do, after all these years of working with it and despite all the changes in software over eleven years; and for offering Zembla as the first host of ADAonline.

Zembla is closed, Zembla remains open to us all. Thanks be to Jeff.

Brian Boyd

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