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Re: Shakespeare elegy
See Brian Vickers's demolition of Don Foster's claims and mind-boggling
hubris in his "Counterfeiting Shakespeare: Evidence, Authorship and John
Ford's 'Funerall Elegye"" (Cambridge 2002). This is the same Vickers
whose Shakespeare, Co-Author (Oxford, 2002) provides the best analysis
of the sane and methodologivally sound authorship analysts.

Brian Boyd


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'Don Foster's "invention" by computer of an additional Shakespearean
poem some years ago was rightly demolished by Ron Rosenbaum'. (posting
by DN)

Once again on a question of Shakespearean authorship, I suggest 'wait
and see'. I believe Don Foster is to return to the subject. I believe
Richard Abrams will too. The Ford attribution is beset with
difficulties. There are indeed many of his stylistic tricks in the poem,
arrived at by the same kind of 'computer analysis' that was used to
attribute the poem to Shakespeare, but the phrasing and tone of the
preface, and the content of the poem (see Upstart Crow 22, 2002), do not
match his biographical profile. Joint authorship, as half-indicated in
Giles Monsarrat's analysis, may prove the answer.


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