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ENC: [NABOKV-L] Oeufs à la Nabocoque: a follow up on Gastronomy and Nabokov
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bocoque/> November 24, 2010 by <http://biblioklept.org/author/edwinturner/>

Vladimir Nabokov’s recipe for eggs à la Nabocoque —

Boil water in a saucepan (bubbles mean it is boiling!). Take two eggs (for
one person) out of the refrigerator. Hold them under the hot tap water to
make them ready for what awaits them. Place each in a pan, one after the
other, and let them slip soundlessly into the (boiling) water. Consult your
wristwatch. Stand over them with a spoon preventing them (they are apt to
roll) from knocking against the damned side of the pan. If, however, an egg
cracks in the water (now bubbling like mad) and starts to disgorge a cloud
of white stuff like a medium in an old fashioned seance, fish it out and
throw it away. Take another and be more careful. After 200 seconds have
passed, or, say, 240 (taking interruptions into account), start scooping the
eggs out. Place them, round end up, in two egg cups. With a small spoon
tap-tap in a circle and hen pry open the lid of the shell. Have some salt
and buttered bread (white) ready. Eat.
V.N. November 18, 1972



/4684025954/> Eggs à la Nabocoque celadon style

Remembering seeing this handwritten recipe addressed by Nabokov to Maxime de
la Falaise for her cooking book at the NYPL ( New York Public Library).
I recently visited that very
<http://www.flickr.com/photos/nycandre/4720515983/> PA Dutch Amish farm were
this egg came from. For a historical review of the sickness mess we are in,
these comments.


<http://www.magazine-litteraire.com/rubrique/dossier> DOSSIER

Oeufs à la Nabocoque

<http://www.magazine-litteraire.com/rubrique/dossier> Dossier - par
Vladimir Nabokov dans <http://www.magazine-litteraire.com/mensuel/379>
Mensuel n°379 daté août 1999 à la page 55 (182 mots) | Payant

Faire bouillir de l'eau dans une casserole quand des bulles apparaissent,
c'est que ça bout !. Prendre dans le frigo deux oeufs quantité pour une
personne. Les passer sous l'eau chaude courante pour les préparer à ce qui
les attend. Les placer l'un après l'autre dans une cuillère, et les faire
glisser silencieusement dans l'eau bouil-lante. Consulter sa montre. Se
tenir au-dessus d'eux avec une cuillère prête à les empêcher de heurter les
fichus bords de la casserole ils ont tendance à rouler. Si malgré tout un
oeuf se fissure dans l'eau qui bout maintenant comme une enragée en


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