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RES: [NABOKV-L] Stephen Jan Parker
Sad news indeed. My hearfelt condolences to his wife and children. Last
week, or so, the mail delivered to me the last printed edition of “The
Nabokovian”, created by Stephen Jan Parker in 1978. He had been very much in
my mind this year because his insightful and still very actual book,
“Understanding Nabokov”, was my constant companion during my January
vacations. Its present editor, Stephen Blackwell, is organizing its
publication in the International Vladimir Nabokov Society’s web space.
S.Blackwell writes: “The new site will be more flexible than the print
publication; it will certainly grow to contain many new features, and who
knows what interesting form and variations it will evolve into during the
coming years.” We were also informed that Jeff Edmund’s web site Zembla
became a “static archive.”

In relation to this VN-L forum, efficient and stimulating EDS, Steve
Blackwell and Susan E. Sweeney, passed the baton to Dana Dragunoiu and Stas
Shvabrin: so many good-byes, changes and renovations.

Jansy Mello

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Brian Boyd
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Assunto: Re: [NABOKV-L] Stephen Jan Parker

Dear Nablers,

The sad news has come in that Professor Stephen Jan Parker died on Tuesday.
A former student of Nabokov’s at Cornell, the first to write a PhD on him,
and a long-serving Professor of Russian and head of his department at the
University of Kansas, Lawrence, he became a friend of the family, especially
Dmitri. He founded The Nabokovian and the International Nabokov Society in
1978. He was also co-organizer of the first Nabokov conference (Cornell,
1983), author of Understanding Nabokov, co-editor of The Achievement of
Vladimir Nabokov, and author of many articles, bibliographic updates and
Nabokovian news items. He kept the Nabokov community informed and together
in pre-Internet days and continued to serve the Nabokovs and Nabokovians,
through The Nabokovian and in other ways until 2013. Institutionalised with
dementia over a year ago, he was recently found to have an obstruction in
his digestive tract that would have required radical surgery from which his
chances of recovery were slim, so his family (his wife, Marie-Luce, and his
son and daughter) opted not to put him through it.

Brian Boyd

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