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Re: Fw: deconstruction of a closet pedophile (or 2) from 2
cf The Agony of Lewis Carroll (1990, selfpublished by the look
of it) by Richard Wallace, in which the late Rev Dodgson is proved
to have been, well, you know, by a series of anagrams derived from
titles such as SYLVIE AND BRUNO.

This should give Ms Morgan enough inspiration for a second volume.

>deconstruction of a closet pedophile (or 2) from 2 NabokoviansEDNOTE. At
>last we know the truth!
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>Subject: deconstruction of a closet pedophile (or 2) from 2 Nabokovians
> Dear Members of the Nabokovian List,
> We have been very impressed by Sandy Drescher's deconstruction of
>"closet pedophile" - - un vrai tour de force - - but did he consider >the
possibilities of anagrammatic analysis, or, for that matter,
>numerological? Let us spell it out for you (get it? spell it out?)
> Anagrammatical analysis: "closet pedophile" yields (more or less)
> toilest (or toilets!) Delphic Poe - - the extra "i" might indicate
>hyper-identity. Can we infer from this that Poe, too . . .? And in
> Hidden numberology might also apply. Closet has six letters, pedophile
>has nine. These numbers are all divisble by three, so we should select
>three words and multiply them by six and three to discover the hidden
>meaning therein encrypted. Perhaps some mathematically minded member of
>the List could tell us how this can be linked to Nabokovian lemniscates.
> Best Cheers from your Derriderian deconstructionist somewhere beyond
>the Amazon, and cohort somewhere near a bowl of roses,
> J dbmd S (aka John Shade) & CK (aka u no hu)

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