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Call for submissions to volume #9 of NABOKOV STUDIES
EDNOTE. Zoran Kuzmanovich, Editor of the Nabokov Society's annual
journal NABOKOV STUDIES, calls for papers for a special issue honoring
the 50th anniversary of the publication of LOLITA. Please address all
questions and subscription requests to

Call for Papers: Lolita at 50

In light of Dr. Maar’s linking of Lolita with Eschwege’s story and the
50th anniversary of Lolita’s publication, the time seems ripe to invite
all those interested in Dolorology to contribute full length essays on
Lolita to a special topic issue for Volume 9 of Nabokov Studies:
Lolita at 50. Although it took Lolita four years to become an
international best seller, it was in fact published in 1955 and thus
will hit the half-century mark next year. The current editorial staff
suggests that we celebrate that anniversary with fully thought out
reconsiderations of old and still nagging questions or completely new
approaches to the reading of Nabokov’s most famous work. These essays
certainly should not be warmed over and expanded version of discussions
already carried out on NABOKV-L. Nor should they be manifestoes of
one’s reading habits to which Lolita serves merely as a source of
infrequent examples. While we certainly do not wish to issue a fiat
against articles that treat Lolita’s sources, we would very much like
contributors of such articles to be familiar with The Annotated Lolita
and remember that such articles work best when they illuminate some dim
corner or touch upon some previously explored pressure point of Lolita.