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Nw Status of St. Petersburg Nabokov Museum

EDNOTE. As most of you know, the St.Petersburg Nabokov Museum located
in the old family mansion has operated as a private institution
raising its own funding. It has been a heroic endeavor supported by a
handful of dedicated staff and patrons. Now, thanks to the combined
efforts of Museum Director Tatyana Ponomareva and Dmitri Nabokov, the
city government has agreed to give the Museum official standing. The
International Vladimir Nabokov Society and NABOKV-L congratulate all
concerned. The Museum will, of course, continue to need support from
other sources.

Below, Dmitri Nabokov has provided his own translation of the official
letter from S.B. Tarasov, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, informing
the Museum of the decision.



To the director of the non-state Institution "St Petersburg V.V. Nabokov
T.O. Ponomareva


Dear Tatyana Olegovna,

Further to your request to Governor of St Petersburg V.I. Matvienko with
regard to the future development of the non-state Institution "St
Petersburg V.V. Nabokov Museum", I inform you as follows:

Without the least doubt, the non-state Institution "St Petersburg V.V.
Nabokov Museum" (hereinafter the V.V. Nabokov Museum) is an inalienable
part of the literary life of St Petersburg and a vital part of the
city's network of literary museums. It is well known both in St
Petersburg and abroad. Hence the V.V. Nabokov Museum is of great and
genuine value for our city.

In the interest of preserving the world's only V.V. Nabokov Museum and
commemorative collection, the Culture Commission of St Petersburg is
assigned the task of developing by 01.09.2004 a project for
establishing, on the basis of the non-state St Petersburg V.V. Nabokov
Museum, a state institution to be known as "The Literary and Memorial
V.V. Nabokov Museum" (hereinafter the State Institution "V.V. Nabokov
Museum"). The Commission governing the municipal property of St
Petersburg is directed to resolve questions of property and to implement
the destination of the above-named premises for rent-free use by the
State Institution "V.V. Nabokov Museum", extending the validity of that
agreement to the moment at which liability for lease payments was

Vice Governor of St Petersburg S.B. Tarasov

(signed S.B. Tarasov)