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Re: Quiz: unreliable narrators and fictional certainties
How about Gazdanov's novel, An Evening with Claire?

On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 3:59 PM, Jansy Mello <jansy.mello@outlook.com> wrote:

> Writing about *Fran Assa*'s spotting of the name "Clare Bishop" [ *Cf.
> The Suicide of Claire Bishop - I just happened upon a novel of this
> title by Carmiel Banasky, Dzanc Books, 2015. I skimmed it and could find
> no attribution to Nabokov, so the title is probably a coincidence. On the
> other hand I haven't read it* "], *Mary Efremov* observes simply that:
> "she supposedly died after giving birht if the artful brother is to be
> believed." This commentary inspired me to invite the VN-L participants to
> offer suggestions about the "fictional facts" that can be considered as
> unquestionable "fictional truths" in any VN's novel.
> I think that there are many such facts to be marked ( as, for example,
> that Van and Ada are siblings) - but I'm curious about what Nablers think
> about how often "unreliable narrators" distort most of the information the
> reader gets access to.
> Jansy Mello
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