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Re: Vive le pédant!
Dear Anthony Stadlen,

It's from VN's Foreword to _Invitation to a Beheading_.

No exclamation point, but italics. "Vive le pedant, and down with the simpletons who think that all is well if the "spirit" is rendered (while the words go away by themselves on a naive and vulgar spree---in the suburbs of Moscow for instance---and Shakespeare is again reduced to play the king's ghost).
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Subject: Vive le pédant!

Please, can anyone remind me where VN explains his (and, I think, DN's) policy in translating as "Vive le pédant!" (I'm not sure of the exclamation mark)? I just quoted it, then realised I knew neither whether the exclamation mark was present nor where he wrote it. I need this urgently!

Thanks in anticipation.

Anthony Stadlen