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VN Weather Report: Hurricane Hazel?
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> The weather this evening in the increasingly closer North Atlantic leads
> to this speculation.
> Consider the following lines from __Pale Fire__:
> It was a year of Tempests: Hurricane
> Lolita swept from Florida to Maine [ Canto Three, 679, 80]
> Now, the mid-to-late 'fifties were times when hurricane threats to the
> northeastern United States seemed to be as regular an occurrence of early
> mid-fall as the damn Yankees winning the American League pennant and then
> the World Series In fact,. John Shade per VN may very well have been
> thinking specifically of Hurricane Hazel in October of 1954, a Tempest
> did indeed sweep 'from Florida to Maine.' Hurricane Hazel maintained a
> tree-downing gusto up past Lake Cayuga, and set the wind record for New
> City at 115 mph, which stands to this day.
> Hazel...hmmm, where do I know that name from? Of course Hazel Shade is
> already onomastically cross-referenced to Lolita Haze, one of many
> cross-references in __Pale Fire__, I would suspect, to __ Lolita__ .
> So Hurricane Lolita meets Hurricane Hazel.?