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Fw: lincoln's second wife
EDNOTE. Both items previously remarked but the thought that on Antiterra
maybe the "second wife" and Queen J. are "true" is a possibility. I think I
and several others indicated there was no second Lincoln wife.

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> sorry to give all you yanks ;) another 'civics'
> lesson from down under, and further apologies if
> this has been noted/annotated elsewhere, but:
> the Ed's identification of Mary Todd Lincoln with
> "Lincoln's second wife" may be premature
> on this planet, Abraham Lincoln had only one wife
> my guess is that on Anti-Terra, he married that
> girl (Ann Rutledge) that he has been linked to
> romantically, before his one and only marriage
> to Mary Todd
> and come to think of it, "QUEEN" Josephine???!!!
> ADA I.5: Marina: "I loved to
> >> identify myself with famous women. There's a ladybird on your plate,
> Ivan.
> >> Especially with famous beauties-Lincoln's second wife or Queen
> >Josephine.")