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Table of Contents for THE NABOKOVIAN #50 (Spring 2003) (fwd)
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Subject: Table of Contents for THE NABOKOVIAN #50 (Spring 2003)

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S.J. Parker-----News

Brian Boyd---"Pierre, or the Ambiguities of Allusion"
Boyd's essay responds to Suellen Springer-Hye's article "Te Weed
Exiles the Flower" (Melville and Nabokov) in NABOKOV STUDIES #5 (1998-99),
pp. 117-27.
Suellen Stringer-Hye----Response to above

Margarit Tadevosyan & Maxim Shrayer---"Thou are NOT THOU: Evelyn Waugh and
Vladimir Nabokov"
Notes & Brief Commentaries (Editor Priscilla Meyer)

Alexey Sklyarenko-----"The Sores of Eros in Nabokov's ADA"
1. "Amor's Poisoned Arrowsw: Duels & Venereal Disease on ADA's
Antiterra" 2. " Champaigne: Paqrisian Boulevards & Poodles in ADA and
Elsewhere" 3. "An Ironic Hesperus: Floramr Allusions to Kuprin in ADA"

Alexander Dolinin-----"A Note on the Last Name of Dolores Haze alias
Gavriel Shapiro----"References to Russian Art in THE DEFENSE"

Alex Rocklin----"Pninelungenlied: Thew Siegfried Myth in Nabokov's PNIN"

Mikhail Avrekih----'On the Parallel of Lake Okhrida" (Pnin)

Brian Boyd------"Annotations to ADA 21: Part I Chapter 21"

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