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Fw: The Gift ch4
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> Greetings
> This is a pretty straight forward question, but I have a feeling that the
> answer I get won't be straight forward. I don't "get" ch.4. Why is it
> I find it really disturbs the novel's flow and it really confuses the
> out of me. Fyodor's other works are mentioned and bits are transcribed,
> his entire bio of Chnsky is produced. Why?
> Dane Gill
EDNOTE. You really need familiarity with the history of Russian lit to "get"
the central role of the Chernyshevsky, author of one of the worst and most
influential novels ever written-- CHTO DELAT'(What is to be Done?) It set in
concrete (after 1925) the model for Socialist Realism which effectively
killed Russian lit until recent decades. Nabokov and his hero Fyodor
directed their lives to reversing that dismal trend.