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Fw: Fw: Fw: QUERY: Question about the Prismatic Bezel
EDNOTE. Interesting theory since some of the works had yet to be written
before SKn's titles. There are certainly examples of foreshadowed plots,
e.g., Zina's step-father in the GIFT proposes the plot of THE ENCHANTER or
LOLITA. One problem with the proposal is that VN often changed novel title
in the writing process.

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> I always assumed that most of Sebastian's oeuvre had a parodic relation
> with VN's. Thus, SK's autobiography "Lost Property" seems not unlike
> "Speak Memory," his story "Albinos in Black" is not without a link to
> "Laughter in the Dark." "The Doubtful Asphodel," with its "unnamed
> of terror and misery" sounds like "Bend Sinister" or "Invitation to a
> Beheading." "The Funny Mountain," the title of both a short story and a
> collection seems a bit like "Details of a Sunset."
> "The Prismatic Bezel" always sounded to me somewhat akin, as a title, to
> "Camera Obscura." But the contents, "a rollicking parody of the setting of
> a detective tale" in which "the heroes of the book are what can be loosely
> called "methods of composition" look forward somewhat to "Lolita" and
> Fire."
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