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Fw: Hugh's On First?
EDNOTE. Several recent annotators have displayed awesome ingenuity in
explicating ADA--all testifying to the limitations of Mr. Boyd's imagination
who naively saw some sort of Proust allusion in the below. It strikes me
that what we have here is the prescient introduction of Hugh Person of
Transparent Things fame.

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> I trust our moderator to screen this newbie's observations when they are
> hat to the initiated, but my second more careful reading of ADA keeps
> me laugh. The first reading of Chapter One left me puzzled with its
> .....with whose hue his ultramarine merged in the prism of his mind....
> Hue or who? Awkward. Reword!
> The second time through I looked up the story of St. Adelaide only to
> discover who's Hugh:
> Born 931; died 16 December, 999, one of the conspicuous characters in the
> struggle of Otho the great to obtain the imperial crown from the Roman
> Pontiffs. She was the daughter of Rudolph II, King of Burgundy, who was at
> war with Hugh of Provence for the crown of Italy. The rivals concluded a
> peace in 933, by which it was stipulated that Adelaide should marry Hugh's
> son Lothaire. The marriage took place, however, only fourteen years later;
> Adelaide's mother meantime married Hugh.