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'Split personality of poor Shade' approach is the least interesting of all I've read in this list.
It is one of many traps left by Nabokov in his texts for people who prefer template (and inherently banal) way of reading: was it split personalities 'school' of Dr Wind that was so popular in 1950's? Which is opposite to re-reading beyond the boundaries set by any name or abbreviated school. I look in literary criticism for the outline, hint, promise to develop MY artistic abilities.

To answer question of authorship of Pale Fire one is forced to answer questions that in real life are unanswerable. So may be there is more to find in the texture that in text, after all? I like invitation to the mirror world of Zembla: 'Not flimsy nonsense, but a web of sense.' One should keep his/her mirrors clean in Zembla or risk being analyzed.

- George Shimanovich
No "personal animosity or mudslinging" here. But as the shrew says,a rather mean meaning, and I wonder why you continue to find it necessary. But please! don't tell me. I'd rather hear from those weary onlookers.