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Fw: Fw: versipel f patifolia
EDNOTE. Re Versipel < L. vertere "turn" & pella "skin". Cf.Russ. oboroten' werewolf (changeling)
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Message requiring your approval (27 lines) ------------------ Please forgive if this repeats what has already been seen and said.

By chance seeing "Versipellis (superstition)" in the index of my 1961 Encyclopaedia Britannica, I find in the article on Lycanthropy: "...The Romans used a more general term Versipellis (cf. English 'turnskin') for lycanthropists;..."

"Versipellis" and "cf." are italicized. I can't show that in email.

Mary Krimmel

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To all with foreign dictionaries,

Could we pursue patifolia (Charles's not-for-sleeping bed) as we did versipel? This has been a very fruitful pursuit.

Many thanks,
Carolyn Kunin