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News from the St. Petersburg Nabokov Museum
EDNOTE. Tatyana Ponomareva, Director of the St. Petersburg Vladimir Nabokov
Museum, has graciously agreed to send NABOKV-L occasional reports of
activities at the Museum. The Museum is located in the old Nabokov home at
47 Bol'shaya Morskaya and visitors are always welcome.

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Dear Fellow Nabokovians, NABOKV-L editor Don Johnson
reminded me some time ago that many of you might be interested in how
the Nabokov Museum in St.Petersburg is doing these days. We are alive
and working. Apart from our daily work of preserving VN's childhood home
and showing it to our visitors we organize frequent conferences,
lectures and seminars. From now on we'll keep you informed of our most
interesting events.

As for the vast archive of our programs you will soon be able
to find it on our official website due to open by the end of this year
(sheer superstition prevents me from the telling you the exact URL now
when it's not ready yet). The latest event (October 29) was the
round-table discussion prompted by the recent showing of films by the
German director R.W.Fassbinder, by now a recognized European classic
in several local theaters. One of his most notable films was Despair
or Journey into Light. The Nabokov Museum brought together about 70
people for the discussion. Actually, the attendance was even higher
than we had expected. Among the participants were St.Petersburg
cinematographers, film scholars and also many readers and viewers.
About half of the audience were college students. Nina Savchenko, a
well-known philosopher and critic was the moderator. Of the local
Nabokov scholars Vera Polischuk, Svetlana Slivinskaya and Alexei
Sklyarenko were present and active. Miraculously, the discussion did
not split into two parallel flows but focused on the central topic,
i.e. VN's novel as perceived by Fassbinder and by the audience. Not
that the discussants found much in common between the writer and the
film director (one of the obvious differences was the choice of the
second title for the film which even the film scholars found hard to
explain). Still, the discussion proved to be intense and vibrant and
all the participants and listeners agreed that new insights and ideas
were brought home to them. Our next event will take place on November
15 and it has already been announced by our moderator, Evgeny
Belodubrovsky. We will talk about VN's years spent in the
Tenishev School in Petersburg. Many of the school books, now rarity items,
will be delivered from the Russian National Library for the occasion.
Please wait for the detailed report of the event.

Tatyana Ponomareva
VN Museum, St.Petersburg