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Re: Ian Dury: Ada Lyrics
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> re ian dury and f***ing Ada
> Ian Dury (of Ian Dury and the Blockheads) was a very well known performer
> in the UK especially in the late 70's. He was in his pomp during the Punk
> era but was not a Punk himself. His idiom owed more to rock and roll, R
> B and even vaudeville. He was, if I recall correctly, originally a member
> Kilburn and the High Roads. The expletive f***ing Ada did not originate as
> soccer chant. It is simply a euphonious alternative to, and about as
> meaningful as, F***ing Hell - and clearly a sister to that other much
> treasured British profanity, F**K Norah. Ian Dury always impressed as a
> thoughtful man and an entertaining speaker but I'm certain that the phrase
> in question was not a conscious allusion to Nabokov's work.
> Michael Glynn