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VNBibliography: M. Grishakova Nabokov's visual poetics
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Subject: Nabokov's visual poetics

> VN bibliography:

Marina Grishakova. Nabokov and the Cinema (in Russian).- Trudy po
russkoi i slavjanskoi filologii. Literaturovedenie IV. Tartu, 2001.

Towards the Semiotics of the Observer (in
English).- Sign Systems Studies 30.2. Tartu, 2002.
> Following in D.Stuart's, G. Moses' and other scholars' footsteps, I
> examine certain parallels between Nabokov's narrative mechanisms and
> cinematographic devices. I touch upon the problems of montage,
> photogenics, camera movement as well as the analogy between
> "defamiliarization" and the close-up.