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Fw: CK replies to JF re Hazel's roommate
CK replies to JF re Hazel's roommate
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Subject: CK replies to JF re Hazel's roommate

Dear Jerry,

A third possibility is that Hazel lived away from home, in a dorm or an apartment, for some time before moving back in with her parents. It seems quite natural to me for a college student to want to live in a dorm even if her parents live in the same town, and not at all surprising for her parents to encourage or even insist that she do so.

We know that Hazel lives at home, and other than her trip to France, there is no indication that she ever did otherwise. She is clearly living at home while she is doing homework, and fulfilling an assignment that takes her to the Haunted Barn.

There is clearly something wrong here. To make "roommate" mean Hazel's roommate you either have to re-write the dictionary or the novel.

Any more possibilities?