Vladimir Nabokov

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Dmitri Nabokov reply to Aleksei Sklyarenko re ADA's " K.R." (of
rozy/beryozy" fame)
EDNOTE: Dmitri Nabokov here responds to Aleksi Sklyarenko's message of Nov 15 that is appended below.


Dear Alex,

Bravo for identifying Konstantin Romanov. Van apparently did translate from a French version, which Father wrote out by hand on p. 265 of his personal copy of the McGraw-Hill edition. There are a number of his explanatory notes in that volume, and, in my copy, many emendations based on his jottings, as well as my carefully pondered corrections of obvious typos and occasional lapses in view of the Vintage edition. My corrections and the ones Brian did almost contemporaneously for the anthology do not always agree. As I recall, he published a note on this matter in THE NABOKOVIAN.