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I recall that Nabokov took great pleasure in the cinema of the Twenties and Thirties. He had favourable "strong opinions" on the comic act of Laurel & Hardy (which always made him laugh mirthfully) and I remember, the French director Jean Vigo--especially L'Atlante and Zero de Conduite. Alfred Apple Jr can certainly speak authoritatively to Oleg's question. I'm quite positive that during V.V.'s sojourn in Paris, he must have viewed the films of actor-singer and fellow Russian emigre, Sacha Guitry.

Alphonse Vinh
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Subject: Query:: Nabokov and Cinema

EDNOTE. Oleg Dorman is a Moscow film director who is working on a documentary about VN.
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I strongly wonder: did Nabokov watch any films by Fellini and Bergman - and what was his strong opinion?