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Fw: PF & literary doubles
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> "Stevenson's story also endures as a landmark in the evolution of
> psychological fiction, anticipating the psychic conflicts of doubles or
> alternating personalities in such notable works as Dostoevsky's The Devils
> (1872), Conrad's "The Secret Sharer" (1912), and Nabokov's Pale Fire
> Stevenson was himself anticipated by several decades by James Hogg's
> "Confessions of a Justified Sinner". First published in 1824. Quote: "This
> terrifying account of a man haunted by the Devil in the form of his own
> double anticipates Dostoevsky's great dramas of sin, self-accusation and
> damnation by half a century."
> There seems little evidence that VN knew Hogg's book, although there was
> edition which came out in 1959. A swift trawl through the second hand book
> lists on the internet amusingly reveals that Henry Miller owned a copy of
> "Justified Sinner". I suppose Miller had little in common with VN, apart
> the same publisher.
> Charles HW