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Fw: Edmunds redivivus
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> I was catching up on some journals recently and I see that
> McSweeney's #8 has an essay by Jeff Edmunds on his colleague
> Michel Desommelier and the flap that followed the article by
> Desommelier that appeared on the Zembla website.
> Desommelier's article is also reprinted; Nabokv-L is
> mentioned in Edmunds' essay. McSweeney's #8 is an elegant
> hardcover collection guest-edited by Paul Maliszewski, who
> produced the pamphlet "Paperback Nabokov" for McSweeney's #4.
> McSweeney's #9, the current issue, has a workmanlike, if
> somewhat elementary, article on skaz narrative and the skaz
> tradition from Gogol to Petrushevskaya. I am not exactly
> sure why McSweeney's decided its readership needed
> instruction on this particular topic; it doesn't seem
> consonant with their usual editorial strategy. However I
> read through the article very quickly and it does seem to be
> straight explication and not some elaborate joke. I mention
> the article because it might be a useful reading assignment
> for American students in Russian literature courses.
> Mary