Vladimir Nabokov

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Fw: Herbold's article and VN's 1944 poem
EDNOTE. The 1943 poem is "No Matter How" (Kakim by polotnom). p. 127 in

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> I'd like to thank everyone for their help with my attempts to build a
> bibliography on VN's politics. I have about 60 entries now, and it's been
> fascinating but exhausting. Special thanks goes to D. Barton Johnson and
> Dana Dragunoiu.
> Still, I am having problems tracking down Sarah Herbold's
> article "Reflections on Modernism: Lolita and Political Engagement: Or,
> How the Left and the Right Both Have It Wrong" because my library does not
> have the Nabokov Studies journal nor are they quick with interlibrary
> loans. If anyone can e-mail me the article to me, then I would be
> Also, does anyone have the contents and the title of a 1944 Russian poem
> of VN's that chides his Russian emigres for becoming soft on Russian
> tyranny? All I know is that it has the line: "I am a poet and so I must
> ask you to count me out." Again, I would appreciate whatever help anyone
> can provide. Happy Holidays.
> Jason Markell